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1912 Shipwreck of TITANIC - 1st edition book

$ 79.99

'Wreck & Sinking of the Titanic', The Oceans Greatest Disaster. Edited by Marshall Everett

 First Edition - Published in 1912


 ~With Numerous Photos & Illustrations!

Inscribed to Henry Otto Neireiter from Mother on front inside cover.

Printed in the same year that the Titanic sank, taking over 1,500 souls with it. Contains dozens of photos and illustrations. Includes history of Icebergs, the Terror of the Sea; Wireless Telegraphy and Modern Shipbuilding. The sinking of the Titanic goes down in history as the greatest ocean catastrophe.

Sample of chapter titles include; The Two Titans * The Story of the Titanic * Spur of Iceberg Ripped Open Bottom of Titanic * Story of the Wreck * Rescue of the Survivors * Survivors Reach New York * Heroism of the Titanic * Experiences of the Survivors * The Responsibility for Fatal Speed * Sorry, Honor and Memory Equal * Contributing Causes of the Disaster * More of the Tragedy * Oddities of the Wreck * The Terror of the Seas * W.T. Stead, Scholar, Dreamer and Humanitarian * Many Memorials for Titanic Tragedy * Stories of the Rescued * Survivor Stories Continued * On the Roll of Honor * Comments of the Press - Facts about the Titanic * Great Marine Disasters in Recent Years * The Tragedy of the Sea * Help for Titanic Sufferers * Some Pathetic Features of the Tragedy * Some Fortunate Circumstances * Various Descriptions of How the Titanic Disappeared * U.S. Senators Obtain Facts of the Wreck * Investigation Continued * The Investigation in Washington * Senate Committee Examines Lookout and Passengers * Member's of Ship's Crew on Stand * The Bereft in the Boats * Titanic's Dead Brought Back.

The last four pages list the names of those lost at sea.

Book measures 5 and 3/4" by 8 and 1/8" and has 320 pages.

 Overall this copy is in good condition. Moderate wear to spine ends and cover corners. Inner hinges have some wiggle. Webbing somewhat visible at 2nd blank front end page. Contents have age tanning. A 1/2" tear at the bottom of title page.


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