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Crack of the Bat (COTB) Baseball Game - 1st Ed 1934 Negro League Teams - Individual Card ed

$ 44.99 was $ 55.99

This is the '1st' edition of 'Crack of the Bat Baseball'. It contains all 8 teams from the 1934 Negro National League.

 'COTB' is a baseball game that was created as a fast and fun playing sim that really brings the pitching aspect of baseball to life.  It has a concise 16 page rule book with an option to play with up to 4 player/managers.  Games typically can be played in around 30 minutes. This game features base stealing, squeeze plays, and a totally new pitcher fatique/effectiveness model.

This 1st Edition (with individual cards) comes with 127 players on 128 cards ( Sonny Harris appears twice and can be used on 2 different teams. The cards are 304 gsm weight (black core) with rounded corners. This is the same quality card stock used for games such as "Magic - The Gathering'. Theses full color cards are as nice as any cards you will find in a baseball dice sim.

The game box includes:

    • 4 ten sided dice and 1 fourteen sided die.
    • 3 game pawns and 1 disk marker.
    • 6 blank score sheets for 2 player games and 2 pencils.
    • 2 more score sheets for 3 to 4 player games.
    • 128 Individual player cards.
    • 1 game mat.
    • 1 main instruction manual. (16 pages counting the cover)
    • 1 card stock sheet of game tables printed front and back.

*Appearance/color of dice are subject to change based on availability.

All printed components are printed in full color.




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