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Pine Tar Baseball 1915 Edition - Complete Game

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This is the '1915' edition of 'Pine Tar Baseball'. It contains 16 teams from the 1915 season. Both the Al and NL had 8 teams that year

This season has 3 pages per team; starters, pitchers, and bench. There are 2 suggested starting line ups on the bench sheet. Roster size is 23 players per team. 1915 was Babe Ruth's first complete season.

This edition comes with a special umpire ratings table. An optional pre-game die roll may be determine the umpire pairing for that days game. The roll also will tell whether or not the home plate umpire impacts that days pitching staff.

'Pine Tar' is a baseball game that was created based on feedback from a survey I did on players of the table top genre. It has a concise 11 page rule book with 5 more pages of optional rules. Pine Tar can be learned in one sitting and on average, 9 inning games take 25 to 30 minutes. The first few games played typically take 30 minutes while learning the rules. The table below gives an overview of Pine Tars features.

A new 4 page PDF supplement is available for download. Included are the new SO/Walk pitcher ratings for 1884.

Overview of Pine Tar Game Mechanics

Feature                                               Description

Game Play Time                                 30 minute avg.                                                            

Plays resolve in 1 roll                          Yes-90% do                                                        

Plays resolve in less than 2 rolls               Yes                                                

Pitching System Used                        Grading system                                   

Pitching Split Types                              Home/Away              

Batting Splits                                    RHP, LHP, &  RISP

Defensive check system                         3 levels                                  

Error Checks                                      10 levels system                                                

Stealing Opportunities                     by grade & points                     

Pages of tables                                         2 pages                                                          

Manual size                              11 pages, & optional 5 page                                   

Learning curve                                  Learned in 1 sitting

The game is for 1 to 2 players and is highly suitable for solitaire play. Every game asset is printed in full color.

This game features base stealing, squeeze plays, and maximum innings pitched. In addition to pitcher home/away splits, there are also splits for when a pitcher faces the batting order for the 3rd time.

The game box includes:

    • 3 ten sided dice* ( one each of red, white, & blue) and 1 six sided die.
    • 3 game pawns, 1 disk marker and dice pouch.
    • 6 blank score sheets and 2 scoring pencils.
    • Player sheets for 16 teams from the 1915 season.
    • 1 game mat.
    • 1 main instruction manual and an optional rules manual.
    • 1 card stock sheet of game tables printed front and back.

*Appearance/color of dice are subject to change based on availability.




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