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Unfortunately the 1st edition is out of stock and will not be replenished. TTLB is still available in this edition here:

The Old Timers version of the game is the same game with less game pawns/winks, no game box, and fewer teams. Also no sheet protectors. Eventually I will repackage "True to Life Baseball into a 2nd edition" Pitch selection cards will be eliminated in the 2nd edition. The 2nd edition won't appear until 2017


(saving the 1st ed. description for posterity)

This is the 1st edition of 'True to Life Baseball'. Also known as the 'Red Box edition.


'True to Life Baseball' is a dice/board game that accurately simulates all the drama of a real baseball game. In extensive testing the average team runs and hits were within 3% of actual game stats. The 'Red Box' edition of TTL Baseball comes with 6 teams from the 2011 season. Each team has 23 players printed on 3 separate 8 1/2" x 11" card stock ivory paper. Sheets are uncut.The player sheets come in 3 hole punched sheet protectors that make the game easily transportable in a standard binder. (binder is not included)

The game has 4 different player modes; intro, basic, advanced, and 'Ultra Simulation Mode' which consists of using the advanced version along with all optional rules. After familiarity with the rule set, average game times range from 20 minutes for intro games to 40 minutes for advanced games. USM games would take a bit longer.

The game is for 1 to 2 players and is highly suitable for solitaire play. TTL Baseball has over 1800 hours in development. The advanced game was designed first, then to shorten average game times a simpler pitching system was designed for the basic game. Finally, the intro game is a simplified version to allow players to start playing games without knowing all the advanced rules.

Think you could have managed a team to a better season record than the actual manager did? Now you have the opportunity. Play a single series or an entire season with season player stat sheets available separately.

This game features base stealing, squeeze plays, maximum pitch counts, pitch guessing, defensive depth adjustments for infield and outfield. The advanced games pitching system is perhaps the most accurate available. Optional rules limit use on how often each pitcher may be used within any 5 game period. Bullpen managements are included to keep track of pitcher use. There are also ballpark ratings that make parks either allow more or less home runs just as in reality. A rare play table accounts for almost every possible play possible in baseball. ie. triple plays, double steals, power outages, rain delays leading to arm stiffness for starting pitchers, outfielders colliding....etc.

Red Box version includes:

  • 4 ten sided dice*. Red, white, blue, and green.
  • 6 game pawns and 4 disk markers.
  • 18 blank score sheets and 2 pre-filled score sheets.
  • 4 bullpen management sheets.
  • 6 teams from the 2011 season. Each team has 3 player sheets with 23 players per team.
  • 12 sheet protectors. Two for each team.
  • 2 scoring pencils
  • One 78 page instruction manual.
  • 1 'Rare Play Results' table.
  • 1 game mat
  • 14 pitch guess cards. Two decks of 7 cards each.
  • 1 'Home Run Park Adjustment' table.
  • 1 set of game tables/charts that include tables A-D.

*Appearance/color of dice are subject to change base on availability.

TTLB uses a unique pitching check mechanic that uses a separate roll on 50% of key batting outcomes. This 'Pitcher Check Roll' (PCR) ensures that both hitter and pitcher attributes are taken into account. This makes both pitchers ERA's and hitters BA's as accurate as possible.


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