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New updated demo file is up for Pine Tar Baseball! Available here: Pine Tar Demo

The file above includes 2 All Timers teams, 2 great teams, 1 announcer sheet, and all the game files needed to try the game out.

Wanted to share a comment from recent customer David R. "Just wanted to say that I received my Pine Tar Baseball game and I'm super impressed. The quality of the cards, game parts, instructions are top notch. Thanks for the quick order fulfillment and this great game."

Thanks for visiting the Life is Sport Games website. Here you can find the next best thing to real baseball. All the action and drama is there except you use dice instead of a bat. Can you become the leagues best all time manager ever? Come on in and have a look around.

The Legends card set is now available on this site.

If you already have Pine Tar Baseball you just need the card set. Otherwise, you can get the complete boxed game version with the 128 Legend cards.

Jerry Mora created and photographed his Pine Tar Baseball park pictured below. Looks great Jerry and thanks for sending it in! He is using it for his replay of the 1884 season.

The images below are from the Fox River Dam in downtown Waukesha. There is a nice walkway along the river there that is only 1/2 mile from me. A great place to go some quite time and to recharge the creative spirit. (Photos by James Formo)


Pine Tar Baseball (PTB)  is a fun and fast paced dice and card game for 1 or 2 players. PTB brings either a series or an entire baseball season to life. Ninety-five percent (not counting rolls on error checks which varies by season) of plays are resolved in 1 die roll and no play takes more than 2 rolls. A game of Pine Tar Baseball can be played in 18 to 30 minutes.

The 2nd edition comes with 4 teams from the 1982 season.  If you have any edition of the boxed game, you don't need to purchase a different edition to play another season. Each season set are is also available for purchase separately.




                    What Folks are Saying about Pine Tar Baseball

Jerry Mora I Received my Order on Thursday Sept 24th. Very Fast and Great Service I would Like to say First. My order was The 1884 Player Sheets and a Bag of Extra Game Parts. Everything is Awesome, Really Love the Player Sheets and Awesome Team Logos Too. My Son got Married this Last Weekend and things were Pretty Crazy around Here. Now Getting a Chance Today to check it all out and Set up my First Game of 1884. Thanks Again for your Great Game...Pine Tar Baseball and Super Service. Looking Forward to more Seasons! 

 Steve Page - I've played fourteen games of the 1889 National League schedule, with some amazing games already. A 4-3 nail biter between NYG and Boston, a 12-9 win for Chicago over Pittsburgh in 14 innings, and a no-hitter carried into the 7th, and barely won 7-6 by Indianapolis over Cleveland. The game plays so smoothly once you get a few under your belt. Pitching mantra for 2015:" Give me five, then dive." Pitching mantra for 1889: "Give me nine, then recline".

Kevin Robson - My copy arrived today!! Thank you looks absolutely great. The quality of the contents are first class and the production values and attention to detail are superb! Well done too for the amazingly quick fulfillment from initial Kickstarter campaign.

Pete Manzolillo - This game is beautifully designed and presented with top-quality components. It comes in a sturdy box with an attractive cover.  The charts, player cards and rule book are all on heavy card stock.  The main rule book and optional rule book are on a smooth glossy stock and the layout really "breathes" with margins, paragraph spacing and bolded main sections.  The rules are written in a conversational style, not legalese.  You will actually feel relaxed while learning the rules!

George Adams - I received my 1889 Pine Tar Baseball game, Saturday morning. Opened the box and pulled out the game. Nice colorful components, very well packed. The teams (8 N.L. and 8 A.A.) come on nice sheets in color.

James definitely has a knack for laying out instructions, which are done very professional like. We played one game, right out of the box, I took St. Louis because I wanted to play Tip O'Neil, and Mike took the Indianapolis Hoosiers, since he is from Terre Haute, Ind. The Browns beat the Hoosiers 5-0, behind the pitching of Ice Box Chamberlain. Tip O'Neil went 1-4 with a walk and scoring two.

The game is driven by rolling on the batters card that is played with numbers 0-99, and occasionally hitting certain numbers which you then use the pitchers rating. It's an easy game to play, and I will add some of the optional rules as I continue. As I already stated, I love the pre-1900 years, so this will be played a bunch in the upcoming weeks.

Steve Page - I am a long time Tabletop Baseball fan, and Pine Tar Baseball beats them all.


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Replacement Pine Tar Scorecards



True to Life Baseball:

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