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The development of 'True to Life Baseball' began on June 10th, 2012 in a desire to create a dice simulation that would play as true as possible to the real game. I tried to appeal to all types of gamers, from casual to veterans of the genre. I did this by including 3 versions of game play, intro, basic and advanced. To learn the intro game, one just needs to read  pages 11-15, and then pages 51-52 that covers interpreting ground out tables. The intro game only requires the single table that is printed on the back cover of the game manual. The sacrifice table may also be used if desired for intro games. 

The basic and advanced games are very similar with the one big difference being how pitchers are used. In the basic game, a die modifier that is based off of the pitchers grade is applied to the batter roll. The advanced game actually uses a 2nd die roll that refers to the pitchers stat column and will either confirm or alter the batter's original result.

The pitching system used in the advanced game is what I would refer to as a 100/37 system. In other words, 100% of the time the batter's result is used, then on even die results for 75% of the plays, the batter result is cross referenced with the pitchers stats. 75% x 50% is where the 37% value comes from.

The season set for 2013 will be available on approximately November 7th. Then the 2014 season set will become available in the spring of 2015. An exact date will be posted once the set nears completion.


James Formo    



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