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When will the current season set be made available?

Answer: The 2013 season will be available in early November. From then on, each new season will be made available by February of the following year. For example, the season set for 2014 will become available in February of 2015. It takes over 300 man hours to finish all the player stats for an entire season. That is why it takes about 3 months to get the set out. 

Question: What are your plans after getting the 2014 player set out?

Answer: Work will begin on a retro season after the 2014 season is released.

Question: Are the player stats printed on perforated paper that must be separated into individual cards?

Answer: No. The player stat sheets are printed on non-perforated card stock. Each team has 23 players printed on 3 different sheets. One sheet has the most frequently used starting lineup. A second sheet has 9 pitchers, while a third sheet contains 5 'bench' players. Using sheets with up to 9 players helps keep the game easier to organize than using individual cards and minimizes set up times.

Question: Are additional players available for teams?

Answer: Modern teams will each have 4 additional players per team in that seasons 'extra' set. Two of these players are positions players and the remaining two are pitchers. Retro seasons will not have extra player sets available due to the fact that not nearly as many call ups were added to teams rosters years ago.

Question: Can I hand pick the 6 teams that come with the original game?

Answer: PIT and PHI currently always come with the game. The other 4 the teams are packaged randomly.

Question: Are player season sets available with sheet protectors?

Answer: Yes. The player season sets will be offered both with and without sheet protectors. With sheet protectors will cost slightly more and the sheets will come already inside the protectors. For the sheet protector option, each team will come with 2 sheet protectors. The starting player sheet and the bullpen sheet are placed within the same protector. This works well since each sheet is only printed on one side and a teams pitcher sheet and starting player sheet is never referred to at the same time. The 'bench' player sheet has its own sheet protector. Keep in mind that 'extra' player sheets do not come with a sheet protector option since they may be placed on the reverse side of the 'bench' player sheet.

Question: Do the player stats come with names on them?

Answer: Yes.



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