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The Brewers fall to the Cards 5-3 as the Carinals got to Kyle Lohse early. My gut feeling was that the Cards seem to have Lohse's number, but I wanted to check the stats before posting an article to that effect. According to ESPN the current Cardinal players have a lifetime batting average of .338 vs Lohse. You can see all the stats here: Cards vs Lohse. Just to give you a comparison, Lohse has allowed a .256 BA vs all teams these year. Lohse and Gallardo are two Milwaukee pitchers that the Cards just seem to have the numbers on. This is part of the reason the Cards moved to 9 wins and 6 losses on the year vs the Crew. Both teams now have 4 games vs each other, and the only way I see the Brewers competing for the Pennant is by going 3-1 in those meetings. I just don't see that happening. The Cards have a 6th sense about the post season this late and they know what they need to do to get there. The only way the Brewers get back in the chase is if the Cards give them an opening and that will not happen.

It now looks to be the Braves, Brewers and Pittsburg to compete for the final WC spot. Who would I pick to come out ahead? I'd say its a coin flip, but there are 3 teams and only 2 sides to a coin. How about a 6 sided dice roll then? The Brewers get in on a roll of 1-2, Pittsburgh on a roll of 3-4, and the Braves on a roll of 5-6. I rolled a 6, so the Braves get the 2nd wild card slot. Remember, you heard it here first!

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Written by James Formo — September 07, 2014

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