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The short answer is yes they do. A forum reader once pointed out that karma doesn't occur in the same lifetime, it doesn't take affect until a reincarnation. Karma related to baseball is different. Baseball karma can come back the same year or the following season. In the case of the Brewers, most of their bad karma is coming from Braun's situation. Not so much his suspension as how he handled it and dragged it out, thus subjecting his team mates to a lot of uncomfortable interview. The best thing he could have done is man up and own his mistake at the outset.

Not all the bad karma comes from Braun. Carlos Gomez brings his own karma to the team by being incredibly high strung. When most batters get hit by a pitch, they just take first base. Too often Gomez stares down pitchers or jaws at them or at the opposing teams dugout. Some of the confrontations with Gomez and opposing players is from guys misinterpreting his high energy. There are times he should tone it down. When the play is over is one of those times.

I'd even say that the promoting Lucroy as an All Star was another bad karma move. The ad poked fun of the Cardinal organization and Molina. Surely they could have promoted Lucroy without making fun of the Cards. After all, look where the 2 organizations are now. The Cards have secured a playoff spot and the Brewers may just make it to .500 ball.

Of course not all of the Brewers troubles are from bad Karma. At least 50% comes from lack of offense from having a number of players with poor plate discipline. The thing is, what team has ever succeeded that has so many non baseball related issues hanging over their heads?

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Written by James Formo — September 22, 2014

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