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After todays loss the Brewers record is now 16-34, tying the 1970's Brewer team for the worst record through 50 games for the franchise. The worst overall season record belongs to the 2002 Brewers during their 106 loss season. The current 2015 version of the Brewers is on pace to break the franchise loss record and lose 110 games.

The thing is the Brewers are putting their best lineup out there everyday. The only starter they are currently missing from injury is Lucroy. Scooter Gennett was sent to the minors not because of injury, but because of ineffectiveness. Once the Brewers have their fire sale after the All star break, they could start to lose at an even faster pace. Its more likely though that they will improve slightly because often times prospects surprise when called up and play better than expected. Also, there really can't be much drop off from the current Brewers starters.

The Brewers will also have trouble moving players because none of the starters are performing well. Milwaukee's 16-34 record translates to a .320 winning percentage. There is a saying in baseball .......'that no matter how bad you are you will at least win 1/3rd of your games.' Well that doesn't apply to Milwaukee. Looking at history, teams that have a .320 winning percentage are usually expansion teams in their first few years, like the 1970 Brewers. Either that or they are teams that are rebuilding and have traded off 1/2 their starters for prospects. The real scary part is the Brewers are not rebuilding this year, this is the best they have to offer as they have one of the weakest farm systems in all of baseball. In part because they traded most of their best prospects away already fro players like Greinke and Shaun Marcum.

Unfortunately, I do not have a cable package that allows me to view games outside Milwaukee (except the national game of the week). I live near Milwaukee and I can say that the Brewer games are not entertaining because they are no longer even competitive. Once the opposing team has 3 runs, the game feels over. It is partly because of the Brewers struggles that my attention has turned to baseball in the 1800's. In 1884, 'Old Hoss' Radbourn started over 70 games as a pitcher and won 59 of them. That was when real men played baseball. In 2015 Ryan Braun makes 14 million and asks the manager for a day off about every other week. Guess he doesn't make enough to play full time.

If your discouraged with baseball in 2015 try out the 1889 season here: Pine Tar Baseball - 1889 version.

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Written by James Formo — May 30, 2015

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