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Ok, I'm rather excited because I am near completion of a new baseball title that can be played in 18 minutes on average. Its based off of many of the game mechanics that were already present in True to Life baseball. All the tables have been simplified and it finds hit location without a separate roll. It will have a different way of determining when runners may steal. 

I'm considering just putting the game up for free download because I have limited storage space for hard copies of the game. The nice thing is that the TTL season sets would be playable in this new title. The only thing needed would be to convert the base runners SBC into a grade value. I would include a table for this conversion in the new game. 

TTL baseball is a detail oriented game that maximizes statistical realism. Game play with TTL takes 35-40 minutes. This new title halves game play time while featuring a shorter learning curve. 

The new title will have its own player sets that will have slightly less data on them then the TTL sets have. This makes it easier to locate values quickly. While the TTL player set will work in the new game, the new game sets would not work 100% within the TTL game. That is due to them not having arm ratings for outfielders.

 I already have a name in mind for the new game but holding off on announcing it until release.  I Hope the pdf version of this new title will  be available mid January. If there is enough interest I could send files out to be printed for a hard copy version. I believe this new game will be a great balance between simple game mechanics and realism.

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Written by James Formo — December 13, 2014

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