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Pine Tar Baseball Dual Team Scoring Booklet -2 Pack

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      The score booklet measures 8.5" by 11" and has 82 scoring sheets. Each sheet will score one game for BOTH teams. Two deluxe booklets is enough to score an entire modern season. It is designed to be used horizontally, great for using on your lap during live games. The front and rear covers are printed in full color. All inside pages are printed in B & W.

     I didn't want to add 10 innings because each inning space would have to be reduced in size. I handled extra inning games by having 10 extra scoresheets that begin with the 10th inning. These 'extras' sheets appear after the 82 regular ones.

   At the back, after the 'extras' pages, are 2 stat pages. One to record batting stats and the other for pitching stats.



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