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Pine Tar Baseball - A new Sports Sim is Born

The new tabletop game, Pine Tar Baseball was actually 1st released on March 3rd. Today I have the games web page organized to provide several offerings. You can get the Printed version of Pine Tar by itself or bundled with True to Life (TTL) Baseball. TTL baseball is the 1st game I released last fall. The 2014 player set is available in pdf and printed format.

See all the options here: Pine Tar offerings

Want to know more about the game before taking the plunge? The best way is to try it out by actually playing a few games. The pdf version of Pine is is available for free download here: Free pdf version of Pine Tar Baseball

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Under the Hood of the TTL Baseball Sim

I thought I'd do an under the hood series to show whats behind some of the game modifiers in TTL Baseball. I already did a post on base stealing and now its time to cover hit and run plays.

The H & R modifiers apply to both basic and advanced game versions. All the potential modifiers are listed below followed by the situations where they apply.

H & R modifier                             Applies on                    Explanation

+4 to BODR                                    All at bats                  Modifier added to all batter rolls that reduces effectiveness of the hitter.  

+40 to runners CTA                        Base hits                   Significantly increases the chance a base runner will advance an extra base on a hit.

-10 to runners SB value                  Strike Outs                Reduces the runners chance to steal when the batter strikes out.     

+40 modifier to GO rolls                  Ground outs             Reduces the chance of hitting into a double play when the H & R is on.

+50 to chance of DP                       Line Outs                  Increases the chance of hitting into a line out double play.

+1 base advance on errors              Errors                      Base runners get an extra base on all error plays when the H & R is put on.

BB result changed to foul ball           Walks                     There are no walks when a H & R is on as the batter is being forced to protect the runner.

-20 to tag values                             Fly Outs                    Reduces the chance that a runner can tag on a fly out since he would be far off the base.


All these modifiers are intended to model the actual risk/rewards of putting a hit and run play on as accurately as possible. Together they reduce the hitters effectiveness by forcing him to swing regardless of pitch location. Hence the walks changed instead into a foul ball. The +4 BODR modifier will reduce the home run potential of the batter. The reduced stolen base modifier is because runners generally don't get as good a jump on a hit and run play as they would on a straight steal. Any time a batter strikes out when the hit and run is on, the play turns into an attempted steal play. Of course the rewards of the H & R are represented as well. Such as reducing the chance of grounding into a double play and increasing the chance of advancing the runner an extra base. 

While initially it may seem like a lot to keep track of. Keep in mind that only 1 modifier applies to any given play type. When just learning the game, I might suggest simply using the 2 most key modifiers. Those would be the ones that apply to ground outs and base hits. You can always use the modifiers that apply on walks and strike outs after your more familiar with the game.

TTL Baseball was designed to have a lot of detail that models all aspects of game play. Hit and Runs is a little bit like Russian roulette in that it can break open an inning, but there is also a risk that it back fires. That is part of what makes baseball so interesting.

TTL Baseball is available here: TTLB


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Coming Soon - A New Baseball Sim!

Ok, I'm rather excited because I am near completion of a new baseball title that can be played in 18 minutes on average. Its based off of many of the game mechanics that were already present in True to Life baseball. All the tables have been simplified and it finds hit location without a separate roll. It will have a different way of determining when runners may steal. 

I'm considering just putting the game up for free download because I have limited storage space for hard copies of the game. The nice thing is that the TTL season sets would be playable in this new title. The only thing needed would be to convert the base runners SBC into a grade value. I would include a table for this conversion in the new game. 

TTL baseball is a detail oriented game that maximizes statistical realism. Game play with TTL takes 35-40 minutes. This new title halves game play time while featuring a shorter learning curve. 

The new title will have its own player sets that will have slightly less data on them then the TTL sets have. This makes it easier to locate values quickly. While the TTL player set will work in the new game, the new game sets would not work 100% within the TTL game. That is due to them not having arm ratings for outfielders.

 I already have a name in mind for the new game but holding off on announcing it until release.  I Hope the pdf version of this new title will  be available mid January. If there is enough interest I could send files out to be printed for a hard copy version. I believe this new game will be a great balance between simple game mechanics and realism.

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The 2014 Player Set for TTL Baseball is 50% Complete

I know it looks like not much is happening at TTL Baseball but trust me, under the calm quiet surface

I am paddling as mad as a duck as work continues to complete the 2014 season. A pre order option

for this season should be available as soon as 2 weeks. In the mean time be sure to try out the free demo version

or order the full version of the game. Both of which are available here

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Free Shipping Sale until December 11th in US Only

Take advantage of free shipping on any items purchased through December 11th, 2015. Free shipping is within the United States only.

Please enter the code freeship in the code window at check out. If you use PayPal I will refund the shipping amount after checkout.


Now is a great time to give the gift of baseball to your friends. Check out all of our latest offerings at TTL Baseball

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Thanksgiving Sale at TTL Baseball

Take 30% off site wide at  TTL Baseball    Just enter the code 30OFF during the check out process. Thirty percent will then be

taken off before you purchase. Please note that this code does not work through PayPal. If you choose to use PayPal I

will have to apply the 30% discount after you pay. I recommend using the main cart and just enter 30OFF, its easier and secure.


This sale combines Thanksgiving, black Friday and Cyber Monday into one. Sale goes until December 3rd.


Don't forget, in addition to the True to Life Baseball dice game, we also carry vintage Pentax lenses and antiquarian books. Currently there is a nice set of 1st Edition Grant Members offered. 


A few items are actually below cost at 30% off!

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Working on the TTLB sites Home Page

Somehow I managed to accidentally delete the entire contents of the sites homepage. It is now restored but without the walk through for the advanced version of the TTL baseball game.

I've decided when I get the walk through back up it will be a separate page that will have a link on the home page. I think this makes the home page less cluttered. I'd welcome any suggestions on site design. At any rate, the home page is restored now and was only down about 30 minutes. The link is here: 


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