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Life is Sport Games is now on Tumblr

LISG now has a Tumblr account called 'Baseball Living' that is located here: LISG on Tumblr

That account will be updated with player photos and baseball quotes. Most of the photos are of minor leaguers unless otherwise noted. New photos will be publisher there weekly so be sure to check back and follow us.

Don't forget that you can also follow our 'True to Life Baseball' game fan page on facebook.  Facebook fan page

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Use the code 5offgame and get $5 of baseball game.

Enter discount code 5offgame at checkout and recieve $5 off the 'True to Life Baseball' tabletop game Go here: Baseball Game  Code expires on 9/28 2014

'True to Life Baseball' is a dice/board game that accurately simulates all the drama of a real baseball game. In extensive testing the average team runs and hits were within 3% of actual game stats. TTL Baseball comes with 6 teams from the 2011 season. Each team has 23 players printed on 3 separate 8 1/2" x 11" card stock ivory paper.

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Get $1 off on Baseball Game for every Run Pittsburgh Scores on 9/21

Get $1 off the 'True to Life Baseball' game for every run the Pirates score against the Brewers on Sunday 9/21. Maximum discount will be capped at $12. The discount code will be posted here within 2 hours of the final out of that game. The code will only be valid for 1 week and end on 10/5 2014. Enter the code during the checkout process in the code box.

Main game website is here:

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Can anyone recommend a good Printer?

Looking for a short run printer that is capable of printing on 110# paper. Would be a bonus if they have ivory color paper as a choice. I currently use 3 different printers for various jobs. They tend to excel at one or 2 things but not everything. Would be great to here from someones personal experience with a printer

True to Life Baseball is Now on Delphi

I've created an online community and I'm hoping you can join us.
It's called True to Life Baseball Game.

The center of this community is our message board. Stop by and
read what others have written, or post your own messages.

To join the discussion, simply go to

True to Life Baseball Game is part of Delphi Forums.

In most cases, you'll be able to check out the forum without
registering. Registration is required to post a message, but it's quick,
easy and free. Your free Delphi Forums membership also gets you in to
hundreds of other forums like mine.

Hope to see you at True to Life Baseball Game!

TTLB on Delphi

Video Overview of TableTop Baseball Game

A video overview of the True to Life Baseball dice simulation is now up at your tube. The link to the video is posted on the home page of the TTLB website. TTLB home page

This video is part 1 of 2 parts. It show cases the game components of the game and gives an introduction to the player stat sheets. Part 2 will continue on and demonstrate the strength of the game which is the pitcher check system that ensures both hitters and pitchers realize their real world stats. Look for part 2 to be posted to video within the next 24 hours.


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Looking for Meetup Members to Join a TableTop Baseball Play Group

I was looking into starting a Meetup group to find more avid baseball table toppers. It looks to be difficult in my area as Meetup doesn't even have a baseball category and there are no other baseball groups in my area. The Majority of game groups are RPG's. Isn't playing an entire baseball season the same as an RPG? haha guess not. I noticed quite a few groups with 1 member, which of course is the group owner. It is a bit pricey to get one started at $20 a month

What I hoped is to get enough people interested through my website first, then if I started a group, I'd already have people interested that might join. The carrot is I would be able to give people a starter edition of my game to get it going. Like the rule book, scorecards, a couple dice and 2 teams. Would be nice to get a league going in my area. 

If anyone would be interested in such a Meetup group, you can contact via this website contact link or click on the Meetup social icon that links to my meetup page. The icon is located on the bottom right hand of any of the pages in this website. If your a meetup member, you can message me Meetup account.

Thanks for your interest and time!

James ~ I'm in the Milwaukee area.

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Kickstarter campaign for the 1973 Baseball season.

The 1973 season for Pine Tar baseball will be featured in a Kickstarter campaign that will begin on Jun 22, 2015. Please subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates for...

Future Crowdfunding Campaign for 1897 Baseball Game

In mid June, Life is Sport Games will be launching a crowdfunding campaign for the 1897 baseball season. This season set will be for the Pine Tar Baseball tabletop game....


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